Lace Making & Tatting

Bobbin Lace and Tatting have become some of my much loved handcrafts. 

Bobin Lace was something I had always wanted to do since I was shown and first had a go as a little girl around the age of 9yrs old. I was delighted when the same Lacemaker introduced me to the Sale Lacemakers many years latter and I started to learn the basics of bobbin lace.

The Lacemaker had also shown me tatting and after many faulse starts, and 4hours of perserverance, I mastered the ring and my tatting journey took off. Tatting is one of my favorite forms of Lace making and like any other Tatter I like to have and use a variety of different Tatting Shuttles for my projects. The have a large selection of Tatting Shuttles available for sale and as I find new types of shuttles these will be added to the range.

If you can't find the tatting shuttle or lace making tools you are looking for, please contact me so I can do my best to help. Happy Tatting & Lace Making!

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